It was really great to be able to speak with Reharna about her love of Space Engineering. She shared a lot of great tips and advice.
Reharna is a graduate of BEng Aerospace Engineering with Astronautics and Space Technology.Reharna was awarded a scholarship from the International Space University, France, which she had to decline.She was also awarded a scholarship for MSc Masters in Mechanical Engineering which she accepted and recently graduated.
Currently, she is working on her Youtube channel and is also known as; SpaceEngineerReharna. Her channel comprises of; engineering and mathematics bite-size lectures, hands-on tutorials, Young Engineers Corner (arts and crafts) and Mommy Diaries.
Notes from this episode
  • How did she get into Space Engineering
  • What is she doing know?
  • What can you expect to see on her Youtube Channel
  • Her advice for women who want to get into S.T.E.M.
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